Zenith Series IMM

Zenith series is our model line up with innovative two-platen hydraulic clamping system. It consists of seven different models between 110 and 1000 tons of clamping force. Models above 1000 tons of clamping force are be developed on demand.

Despite the smaller foot-print, Zenith series can achieve very big tasks thanks to its two-platen clamping mechanism which provides an even and rigid clamping force that is applied on every corner of the platen equally.

With the direct control of the hydraulic locking cylinders, users can monitor and control the clamping power precisely.

Zenith series provides a serious save on the workspace with a %30 smaller foot-print on average when compared to similar toggle machines.

Additionally, mold opening stroke, min.-max. mold thickness, ejector stroke and mold opening force can be modified based on the customer requirements.

Similar to all our other models and series, there are possible optional equipments which can be ordered with the machines such as direct-drive servo plasticizing motor, accummulator assisted fast injection unit, proportional controlled axises, hydraulic shut-off nozzle, multiple component appliances, mixed two-color appliances and parallel movements in required axises.

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