ECO Series IMM

ECO Series is our base model line of machines. It has a traditional mechanic toggle type clamp and consists of eleven different models between 100 and 750 tons of clamping force.

ECO series has been designed with simplicity in mind from the beginning and aims to provide the lowest possible total cost of ownership.

Besides from our base appliances, we also use ECO series to build more advanced systems that requires high speed and high precision machines. We combine Baumüller servo motors paired with Baumaxx drives from Germany for the maximum efficiency and precision.

Similar to all our other models and series, there are possible optional equipments which can be ordered with the machines such as direct-drive servo plasticizing motor, accummulator assisted fast injection unit, proportional controlled axises, hydraulic shut-off nozzle, multiple component appliances, mixed two-color appliances and parallel movements in required axises.

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