Turkey’s injection molding machine manufacturer invited to produce in Russia

Production has begun for the largest Hürmak IMM in Kuwait
Eylül 13, 2020
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 PRESS RELEASE, December 24, 2019

Turkey’s injection molding machine manufacturer invited to produce in Russia

Hürmak’s Vice Chairman Angan: “2020 will start with 50 machines”

Established 50 years ago, Turkish injection machine manufacturer, Hürmak Plastics Machinery was invited to engage in manufacturing in Russia. Mustafa Varank, Turkish Minister of Industry and Technology, Gonca Gül Batur, Turkish Deputy Minister of Commerce and their counterpart Denis Manturov, Russian Minister of Industry and Commerce, who visited Hürmak taking part at INNOPROM, the largest industrial exhibition of the Russian Federation, in July 2019 drew attention to Turkey’s position as the strategic partner of Russia in industrial technology.

In October following the negotiations started at INNOPROM, the kick-off meeting was held at the Russian Ministry of Industry and Technology regarding the localization of manufacturing. In the meeting held in Moscow,the existing and additional state subsidies available to foreign investors were discussed and concerned parties planned a visit to Hürmak’s facilities.

A working visit to Hürmak was paid on November 28, 2019 by Igor Patievksy, Head of the Machinery Manufacturing and Investments Department of the Ministry of Industry of the Russian Federation, Ihar Hramakuski, Head of Machinery Manufacturing and Investments Department of the Ministry of Industry of Belarus, Andrei Rusak, Head of Machinery Design Department of Zoo Atlant which is a Belarusian public company manufacturing electrical households and machine tools, and Artur Leontev, Commercial Counsellor of the Russian Federation in Istanbul.

The convening parties concluded in an agreement with a roadmap that is developed for manufacturing to be carried out in Russia and that spans in 5 years starting with 2020.

While an annual average of 3,000 injection machines needed by the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union, including Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia, were supplied by imports, the cooperation between Hürmak and the Russian government is intended to manufacture and release 50 injection machines in the first phase. The legislative regulations to be introduced by the Russian government will encourage industrialists to buy domestic goods.

Remarking that the cooperation will start with the manufacturing of 50 injection machines under Hürmak license at the plants of the Belausian public company Atlant in 2020, Hürmak’s Vice Chairman Burç Angan said, “Based on the market demand and attitude we will observe in 2020, new establishment and employment opportunities will be assessed for 2021.” Angan said, regarding the actions to be taken, “As Hürmak, we do not remain aloof from cooperation and technology exchange with Russia. Considering the market’s dependence on imports, the developing potential of Russia and the trade volume together with neighbor countries, I believe that we will be a critical solution partner.”

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the Belarusian Government and the Belarusian state-owned company Atlant will oversee coordination, and a five-year roadmap will be developed with a detailed market analysis by the end of February. In addition, the parties are scheduled to convene at Interplastica Trade Fair to be held in January in Moscow.

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